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Why irth WorkSpace?

irth WorkSpace can truly transform any business.

What irth WorkSpace can do for you:

irth WorkSpace is a revolutionary, cloud-based software that empowers companies to automate work processes and maximize the performance of human and physical assets across the entire business — resulting in transformational benefits. Read below to learn more.

Grow Your Business  

WorkSpace has been designed with one main goal in mind — growing your business. With a wealth of tools at your fingertips that automate your processes, increase operational visibility, enhance communication, manage assets and equipment, and provide insight into everything, business growth is a natural result.

How WorkSpace Works:

  • Feature Tab Icon 1Automate processes
  • Feature Tab Icon 2Increases operational visibility
  • Feature Tab Icon 3Enhances communication
  • Feature Tab Icon 4Manages assets and equipment
  • Feature Tab Icon 5Provides insight

Boost Sales and Revenue Opportunities 

With the ability to access all customer and prospect data — as well as integrate with your CRM system — WorkSpace can be leveraged to power marketing efforts, create targeted sales territories, and provide never-before-seen insight into regional sales opportunities. Aligning new business growth models with existing company strategies has never been easier.


Increase Employee and Asset Performance 

WorkSpace ensures your employees, assets and business-critical equipment are always at peak performance. 

Because irth WorkSpace is capturing critical business data and giving you tools for reporting and insight, you're able to better understand your overall performance and optimize key aspects of your business — putting you in control of important decisions.

Gain Unprecedented Operational Insights 

Reporting and analytics provide you with insights for critical decision-making. WorkSpace verifies, measures, pinpointst, and reports on outcomes that are important to your business, allowing you to monitor and analyze execution results. Examples include:

  • Verifying where work was completed via GPS
  • Creating reports and conducting analysis on execution results
  • Tracking the start and end time of work completed
  • Conducting analysis on work in context with assets and location on a map

Improve Process Efficiencies 

With more direct communication and increased workforce collaboration, WorkSpace allows you to eliminate redundant steps and trim wasted time.

Because certain tasks can trigger alerts or other tasks in a process, requests can be responded to immediately and without delay. These increased efficiencies not only boost business performance but will naturally increase customer satisfaction.

Streamline Workflows and Operations 

Your business may be complex, but your software doesn’t have to be. WorkSpace can be leveraged to fully automate process flows and work routines based on complex business logic that you define.

The beauty of WorkSpace is that the software works around you — not the other way around. Every workflow, process, work function and communication point across Sales and Marketing, Operations, HR and Finance and can be fully streamlined and consistently automated.

Consolidate Your Software Investments 

irth WorkSpace can be leveraged as a single platform for workforce management, asset management, customer relationships, resource planning and a myriad of other functions.

It can eliminate the need for limited, specialized departmental systems and can be utilized as a single platform for all work processes — across desktop, laptops, tablets or smartphones. This streamlined investment saves money, both now and into the future.