WorkSpace Use Cases

WorkSpace Use Cases

irth WorkSpace can truly transform any business.

Putting WorkSpace to work in any environment.

While WorkSpace can be utilized in a number of different scenarios and completely customized to your needs, below are several real-world examples that illustrate how it can be used.

Sales and Prospecting

A prospect visits your website with a possible sales opportunity that requires detailed information to be gathered and documented in the field. A request is sent online for a sales representative to visit, and the information is automatically sent into the WorkSpace database, triggering an automatic mobile notification to a representative already in the field. The representative can see the request and immediately maps the location to see that he is nearby, so he taps an “accept appointment” button on his mobile device. Upon arriving, the sales representative is able to take accurate measurements, document all the required project requirements without missing any details and look up possible work scheduling dates on his mobile device.

The required specifications are then sent back to the home office where a price quote is generated based on dynamic market factors and materials costs — which are synced from separate internal systems. While the sales rep finishes his conversation with the prospect, the price quote is sent back to his mobile device, which he is able to share with the prospect in real time. The prospect agrees to the price quote, is able to sign and commit electronically, and even schedule a work date before the sales rep heads out to his next appointment. A project is scoped without missing any critical details, and sale is closed faster, without giving the prospect time to “sit” on the quote, forget about it, or get competitive bids.

Human Resources

Jim, an HR director, wishes to automate many of their existing manual processes and employee requests. Using WorkSpace, Jim easily creates a series of forms to handle multiple employee requests, such as time off, reimbursements, purchases and travel approval. Using the power of the advanced business rules and integration inherent in WorkSpace, Jim can also automate each form.

For example, time-off request forms can integrate with the HR payroll system to look up how much time off each employee has left — eliminating requests that can’t be granted and disappointed employees. Moreover, requests can be routed to each manager for approval and employees can be notified via auto-notification if their request is granted. Once the request is granted, it can be automatically placed on a work schedule to alert field managers of the employee’s pending time off.

Asset and Equipment Management

A property management company has been struggling to keep track of all its assets — not just rental units, condos and high-rises — but every piece of equipment inside of each, such as dishwashers, rented furniture, fire extinguishers, parts for the pools, and so on. To date, they’ve been keeping everything in a spreadsheet, but it’s a mess — each asset has different documentation requirements, photos are impossible to attach, and nothing integrates with its property management software. WorkSpace allows them to create a unique series of forms to enter, manage and maintain each asset — locate it on a map, attach photos, and document detailed maintenance records.

Now, each time an asset needs maintenance, a repair technician can document what’s done in the field, upload photos and write up detailed notes so the next technician can know what was done and pick up where he left off. Not only that, but each asset can be assigned a value — so depreciation can be tracked and its easy to see whether or not revenue-producing assets are at their full maximized potential and actually making money as opposed to just sitting in storage. The result? Time is saved in the office and in the field...and all physical assets and human resources are used to their full potential.