Case Study

Genesis Energy

How Genesis Energy Achieved Greater Compliance and Decreased Risk

Executive Summary

Genesis Energy had a significant challenge managing data collection in five operating areas across six states. Each area used various manual methods, such as paper-based forms and Excel spreadsheets, to record asset and worksite data that made compliance reporting difficult. They implemented UtiliSphere™, a mobile workforce management software, to standardize ticket management and data collection company-wide. As a result, compliance reporting is now accurate and current.

  • Genesis needed to standardize data collection throughout all areas to maintain compliance.

  • They implemented a mobile software solution for ticket management and a host of other work items.

  • They continue to roll-out UtiliSphere for additional work processes, with the goal of it being their “one-stop shop” for mobile data collection.

Genesis Energy, L.P. provides an integrated suite of services to refineries, oil producers, and industrial and commercial enterprises. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Genesis operates five divisions including onshore and offshore pipeline transportation, refinery services, marine transportation and supply & logistics.

  • UtiliSphere … automatically links all ticket requests with work items to tell a deeper story about the asset rather than just seeing a snapshot of the data.”

    Mandy Kennell

    Public Awareness Specialist


    Genesis has five independent operating areas with limited interaction or consistency. Processes, paperwork and compliance tracking varied widely between groups. They identified three key challenges that affected all divisions and needed one solution to overcome them.

    • Accurate mapping reduces tickets worked with automatic positive response outside of buffers.

    • Automation and routing dictates where, when and who receives tickets in the field.

    • Inefficient communication and visibility to data


    Genesis realized they needed a solution that could standardize key systems and processes to gain better insight into data collected in each area, and ensure that all compliance reporting was accurate and current. A large acquisition of offshore assets then prompted them to look for a total solution that could manage tickets and work items, like inspections, maintenance and repairs, and line locating activities.

    Genesis was already using UtiliSphere to manage tickets, and upon a thorough review, expanded its use across the company.


    Genesis is now migrating their entire workforce to UtiliSphere, in addition to adding more work item activities handled by the software. Any regulatory compliance-related task that requires a form or checklist is being built in UtiliSphere for consistent data collection across all areas. With UtiliSphere, Genesis has found a solution that substantially decreases the risk of missing compliance-related tasks and improves visibility into collected data. They look forward to having UtiliSphere continue to be the “one-stop shop” for their data collection, communication and compliance needs well into the future.


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