Enhance Your Leak Survey Process

Automatically grade the severity of a leak with UtiliSphere™ to ensure your team takes the best maintenance action.

Whenever a leak is present, the field technician must make a maintenance decision based on its severity. Our platform can determine, based on data from the field, the leak’s rating and whether it requires immediate attention or a follow-up. Once the platform determines the leak’s severity, it can contact the appropriate personnel.

UtiliSphere keeps track of previously surveyed areas so that your team conducts surveys when and how often they need to. It also records when assets have been patrolled and schedules follow-up patrols to ensure compliance.

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Benefits of Leak Surveys with UtiliSphere

Centralized data and streamlined processes allow your team to do more with less. Your team can efficiently patrol and grade leaks while ensuring compliance and proper follow-up.

Improve Insights

Eliminate in-field mistakes when grading leaks due to inexperience and subjectivity.

Increase Effectiveness

Effectively streamline your leak survey process with the power of AI.

Automate Next Steps

Ensure no missed steps, proper leak repair, compliance and schedule follow-ups.

Reduce Costs

Better processes and results deliver cost savings for your business.

UtiliSphere can integrate with field tools such as sniffers. It streams data back into the platform and when one of those observations is found that passes a threshold, the user can find the leak, answer a series of questions and UtiliSphere automatically grades the leak.

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