Mobile Workforce Management

Connect, Mobilize and Automate Your Entire Workforce

UtiliSphere revolutionizes mobile workforce management for energy and utility companies by digitizing critical information and automating complex field and plant operations. With UtiliSphere, companies can automate, manage, and document damage prevention, field operations, and asset management activities to increase field productivity, manage and protect infrastructure, ensure safety, and achieve compliance.

All departments in your business can use UtiliSphere — operations, IT, damage prevention, right of way, integrity management, aerial patrols, environmental health and safety, outage management, incidents and claims and any others — for integrated communication and collaboration.

Digitize and Automate Everything

Our built-in AI engine means your workflows are always improving and getting smarter with each use.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Access Information Anywhere
Access from anywhere, on any device or operating system. Offline access enables remote employees to easily execute their work.
Collect and Access Data in the Field
Workers can quickly and easily collect data in the field, ensuring accuracy and completeness of information that can be easily retrieved when later needed – either connected to the internet or disconnected.
Eliminate Cumbersome Paperwork
Customizable, Digital Forms help reduce paperwork and capture accurate and timely data.

Stay In the Know

Notifications and alerts help communicate important information to your field teams.

Reinforce Processes

Enforceable workflows ensure effective capture of policies and procedures across field processes

"Our field technicians are excited about how much easier UtiliSphere has made their inspections. Productivity has increased on a corporate and individual level. Plus, this is a valuable communication tool for us — management can now easily see the status of work items."

Specialist, Energy Company

Automate Scheduling and Work Routines

Our built-in AI engine means your workflows are always improving and getting smarter with each use.

  • Schedule and dispatch capabilities to ensure the right technician for the right job, at the right time
  • Intelligent routing helps optimize field resources and reduce travel times
  • Combine workflows for a connected view of all field operations activities

Gain Visibility into Everything

From assets to work tickets and everything in between, everything can be located visually on a map — enabling field teams to reference historical and current field activities in one easy view.

Make Your Field Operations Smarter

Get Smarter With Infused AI

Our built-in AI engine means the workflows you build and deploy are always improving and getting smarter with each use.

Monitor and Analyze Results

Verify, measure, pinpoint and report on outcomes that are important to your business.

Reports that Matter to You
Configurable reports ensure compliance with regulations, improve workforce productivity, and prove results.

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irth Solutions is the leading provider of cloud-based solutions for asset protection, mobile workforce management, 811 ticket management and no-code app creation. UtiliSphere reduces risk and maximizes business growth by protecting mission-critical business assets and optimizing the performance of people and the work they do. Our software helps organizations manage and reduce risk, decreases costs, increase revenue opportunities and ensure regulatory compliance. For decades, our solutions have helped hundreds of customers execute the work that is most important to their success. irth Solutions is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

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